Innovative flat roof system s:box

The s:box© provides the optimum solution for the installation of rear ventilated PV modules on flat roofs or other penetration-sensitive substructures.

Screwless and inexpensive system

For the s:box© the client can choose between galvanised steel and aluminium for the material. The screwless total design prevents damage to the sensitive roof covering, which could be caused by screws which become lost during installation. Ideally, existing gravel on the roof can be used as ballast. Concrete blocks or paving slabs are also possible. The s:box© can be combined with different systems to increase friction between the roof covering and the s:box©. The necessary ballast is derived from these friction coefficients and the circumstances thereof in accordance with DIN 1055-4:2005-03, such as building height, wind load zone and position of the modules relative to the edges of the building itself.


Low transport costs

The s:box© is a screwless module carrier, which mainly consists of two sheets. The sheets are first set on edge along perforations and joined when at the installation site. This approach allows volume and thus cost-effective transportation to the site and onto the roof.

Suitable for all sizes of module

As a standard, the s:box© offers the possibility to integrate a cable channel. Here, the widths 100 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm or 500 mm, also screwless, can be attached. The channel is positioned in the centre of the bottom half of the module. The s:box© is suitable for all usual sizes of module. The tilt angle of the module is 20 °, 25 ° or 30 ° and can be chosen by the customer.

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