Modules from Risen

Risen has been active in the solar sector since 2001, and manufactures innovative solar solutions for a variety of clients and applications with advanced and environmentally-friendly research and development ideas, based on mono-and polycrystalline solar cells. The company, which is headquartered in Ninghai in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang, has installation partners in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Risen has constant annual income growth behind them. The annual turnover of 2009 was over USD 200 million. The company has over 50,000 m² business premises. Through own research and development, the ability to innovate processes, and through comprehensive quality management and excellent performance measurements, the quality of Risen solar modules is leading in the sector, particularly in terms of ruling out cell breakages (thermal imaging test) and the high average energy conversion of power generation. Risen products are subject to strict testing and are certified by high level international standards, such as CE, TÜV, IEC, RINA, GS, ROHS, REACH, PAHS and ISO 19001:2000. For additional guarantee of product quality, Risen modules are re-insured by ALLTRUST. The products are approved by clients in more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa. In addition, Risen produces for many well-known German sales brands as an OEM manufacturer (system finisher).

The Risen team has more than 1,000 young, dynamic and ambitious employees, including more than 340 division managers, technologists and development specialists. The excellent employee base is a prerequisite for the continued growth and success of Risen with their partners. Risen is on track to become the leading supplier of environmentally friendly solar products. The capacity of module production is currently at 500 MW per year.

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