Sloping roof projects

Here you can find some examples of our sloping roof projects.

Project s:top 13.6 Neunburg

Location: Neunburg
Total capacity: 13.6 kWp

Project s:top 28.8 Bernried

Location: Bernried
Total capacity: 28.8 kWp

Project s:top 9.6 Cham

Location: Cham
Total capacity: 9.6 kWp

Project s:top 9.84 Willmering

Location: Willmering
Total capacity: 9.84 kWp

Project s:top 14.4 Zell

Location: Zell
Total capacity: 14.4 kWp

Project s:top 15.36 Stamsried

Location: Stamsried
Total capacity: 15.36 kWp

Project s:top 13.44 Furth im Wald

Location: Furth im Wald
Total capacity: 13.44 kWp

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