s:wheel® tracking system - up to 30 percent additional output

The s:wheel tracking system is a single-axis and horizontal tracking system. This means that the fastened modules follow the sun horizontally according to the exposure angle. This results in efficient utilisation of the morning and afternoon hours and additional output of up to 30%.

The azimuthal tracking enables perfect utilisation of solar energy. The constant orientation to the sun is effected every ten minutes. This innovative system ensures optimum use through this precise orientation to the actual course of the sun. Both the longitude and latitude of the set-up, as well as the difference between the actual solar time and the local time, are taken into account.

A special control software adapted to the overall system was developed for s:wheel®. This astronomical control ensures completely shadow-free modules both in the early morning as well as the late evening hours. The higher the direct radiation (uncovered sky), the higher the additional yield, you can achieve.

The adjustment of the motion sequences of s:wheel® is individually parametrised for each operation site and each module type. In this way Rädlinger energy GmbH can guarantee the optimal output for every project.

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