PV open-space systems

Open spaces offer several PV installation possibilities. Solar modules can either be positioned as stationary systems in long rows behind each other or mounted onto tracking systems.

With their open-space systems s:fix, s:wheel and s:track, Rädlinger energy provides both stationary and tracking systems.

In general, open-space systems have great advantages due to optimum orientation and easy repair and maintenance work. In most cases, there are large areas available for the installation of solar modules, which makes the systems particularly efficient.

To achieve maximum output, a PV system must guarantee the most optimum orientation to the sun and the best possible angle of incidence at all times. Tracking systems or Solar-Tracker meet these requirements as they follow the respective position of the sun over the course of the day.

The tracking systems s:wheel and s:track from Rädlinger energy guarantee optimum tracking at all times through their astronomical control at almost any point in the world.

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