PV roof systems

Whether for single or multi-family homes, agricultural or industrial buildings or even warehouses - Rädlinger energy GmbH plans and implements proven and complete photovoltaic systems for roofs of any size.

With our own photovoltaic systems, you not only relieve the environment, but you also make yourself independent from rising electricity prices in the long term. With the help of state-guaranteed feed-in tariffs for PV electricity, you receive a regular income, through which your system pays for itself. Opt for this valuable investment and reduce your energy costs.

Rädlinger energy gives you individual advice and supports you in all questions from the idea to the installation and performance review of your photovoltaic system.

Advantages of roof systems

  • Your investment pays for itself through the government-guaranteed feed-in tariffs.
  • You reduce your energy costs
  • You remain independent from rising electricity costs in the long-term
  • You protect the environment and ensure sustainability

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