Rädlinger takes over hm-pv logistics centre

With the purchase of the former logistics centre of the company hm-pv in Grafenkirchen near Pempfling, RWenergy is also to take over the use of the buildings and the land. Like RWenergy, hm-pv is also active in the field of solar energy and previously managed its deliveries from there. The Rädlinger subsidiary will also use the hall for logistics in the wholesale segment and for the management and coordination of the systems business.

In opposition to the current trend in the industry, which has already caused a lot of companies to founder, the solar company RWenergy is holding its ground in the difficult market. In recent years, the photovoltaics company did a lot of retrofitting and maintenance assignments on existing systems of its former competitors, which have had to withdraw from the market. Therefore, RWenergy has extended its PV systems service for companies and private individuals. In addition to maintenance and repair work, 50.2 Hz retrofitting and retests according to the legal requirements, the company also performs electrical checks, thermographic measurements and output measurements.

It is in this context that the acquisition of the new hall should be understood, explains the Commercial Director, Helmut Marchl. The site that the solar company hm-pv hitherto used as a logistics centre is perfect for a branch for RWenergy, due to its location and size, which is why the company decided to take over the site when it was for sale. “We can look into the future with optimism, and we rely wholeheartedly on RWenergy as a pillar of the Rädlinger Group”, says Marchl.

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