Photovoltaics remains an inherent part of the electricity mix

In an interview with Chamer Zeitung, representatives of the solar industry expressed confidence. Gerhard Dirscherl, Technical Director of RWenergy, and other experts from the industry were in agreement: the sun will continue to bring good returns in the future.

Dirscherl can see a variety of reasons for the failure of a number of solar companies. On the one hand, there is a lack of consistency in the legislation, which made the industry and clients insecure. On the other hand, a number of customers grew too rapidly in the boom period. The result is a consolidation, which makes the situation more difficult for fragile companies. Solidly positioned companies, however, continue to have good prospects. “Photovoltaics will continue to have a fixed place in the energy revolution in the future”, Dirscherl is certain, “particularly because it is still of interest to clients in times of rising electricity prices”. Self-supply provides the opportunity to be independent of the price developments and to reduce your own costs.

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