With the sun into the future of energy

What the individual homeowner needs is a reliable partner that will support him in the long term. The solar company RWenergy emerged stronger from the upheavals and difficult conditions of recent years, which caused many companies to founder. The subsidiary of the Rädlinger Group made use of the reorientation period and focussed on innovative methods and a continuous adaptation to new developments. The different services that RWenergy offers its clients form a sustainable and promising business model.

These continue to include the planning and installation of roof systems. The trend is towards self-supply, which results in a substantial reduction of the electricity costs. The electricity generated can be used intelligently and even more efficiently with a combination of a storage battery and a photovoltaic system. Electricity consumers can fall back on stored solar energy 24 hours a day and thus secure their independence even at night or in periods of low electricity generation. With a current electricity price of 25 cents and a feed-in tariff of approximately 13 cents per kilowatt hour, it is financially worth it for an increasing number of households and businesses not to feed the electricity into the grid, but to use it themselves and to invest in storage technology. In addition, the KfW supports the purchase of storage batteries for the self-supply of electricity with up to € 660 per kilowatt of system output.

With an appropriate, local storage battery, electricity costs can be reduced by up to 70 per cent in a single family house with a photovoltaic system. And that is not all: the optimum utilisation of energy reduces the demand for fossil fuels and makes an important contribution to climate protection. In total, it has been possible to save more than 900 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in Germany since 2000 through the use of renewable sources of energy – a potential that is far from being exhausted.

In addition to advice and installation, RWenergy provides its clients with a complete service. In recent years, the number of orders for work on existing systems of former competitors who have had to withdraw from the market also increased. Therefore, the solar company extended its PV systems service for companies and private individuals and is investing in new qualified employees. In addition to maintenance and repair work, 50.2 Hz retrofitting and electrical checks, the company now also performs retests, thermographic measurements and output measurements.

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