The success story of Rädlinger energy GmbH (RWenergy GmbH at the time) already began before the company foundation in 2006. A team of three engineers worked on the development of the solar tracking system s:wheel® (short for “sun:wheel”). In 2005 the German and European patent applications were filed. Though only just founded, the company managed to implement its first project in Spain already by the end of 2006.Today a prototype of s:wheel® is stands at a height of 80 m on the roof of a former flue gas desulphurisation plant in Schwandorf.

Within the shortest time, Rädlinger energy GmbH conquered the Spanish solar market with the s:wheel® by completing projects in Barcelona, Madrid and Toledo. In 2008 they entered the Greek market. Afterwards, further international projects were successfully completed.

In 2009, the product range for roof systems was expanded. Rädlinger energy has recently earned a reputation, especially in the planning and implementation of roof systems. Numerous systems for flat and sloping roofs have been successfully completed since 2009.

Besides the construction of new storage halls near Cham, a subsidiary at the headquarters of the Rädlinger Group was founded in 2009 before the company site was completely relocated to Cham in 2010.

Along with roof systems, tracking systems and open-space systems, solar technology branded products are thus also now part of the overall offering.

All Rädlinger energy employees have many years of experience through national and international solar projects and are specialised in the implementation of photovoltaic systems.

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