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28.10.2014 Young entrepreneurs visit the Raedlinger company group

On 27th October the "Junge Unternehmer Niederbayern-Oberpfalz e.V." (club of young entrepreneurs from the lower Bavaria and upper Palatinate region) of Germany met on... [more]

03.09.2014 The Raedlinger company group welcomes 22 new apprentices and two students from a work-study program

As the apprenticeship or work-study year started, 24 young people started out on a new and exciting part of their life with the Raedlinger company group. At the main... [more]

24.06.2014 RWenergy builds largest photovoltaic system in Austria

With a module area of approximately 19,624 m², RWenergy GmbH, a subsidiary of the Rädlinger Group, built the largest solar park in Austria in Neudorf an der Mur. For its... [more]

24.06.2014 For a reliable and low cost electricity supply

Supply security is the key word of the energy revolution. At the same time, it is the subject to which the solar company RWenergy is currently giving its full attention.... [more]

24.06.2014 With the sun into the future of energy

What the individual homeowner needs is a reliable partner that will support him in the long term. The solar company RWenergy emerged stronger from the upheavals and... [more]

24.06.2014 Rädlinger takes over hm-pv logistics centre

With the purchase of the former logistics centre of the company hm-pv in Grafenkirchen near Pempfling, RWenergy is also to take over the use of the buildings and the... [more]

24.06.2014 Christmas tree adorns St Peter's Square

The Rädlinger low-loader trailer with the Christmas tree arrived in Rome earlier than expected. With the best wishes of Waldmünchen residents and the blessing of Bishop... [more]

24.06.2014 Christmas tree for Rome bidden farewell from Bavaria

On 1 December, residents of Waldmünchen and the entire region bade farewell to their Christmas tree for Rome. On the market square, spectators and representatives from... [more]

24.06.2014 Christmas tree transport to Rome is ready to roll

Securely packaged and ready for the long journey, the 25 metre-high Christmas tree destined for Rome lies on Rädlinger's low-loader trailer. Every year at Christmas... [more]

24.06.2014 Rädlinger at “Connecta” and “Academicus-live”

Qualified and dedicated employees are the backbone of the company for Rädlinger. In search of new, motivated employees and trainees, the Rädlinger Group presented... [more]

24.06.2014 With storage technology at ChamlandSchau

At ChamlandSchau from 13th – 16th September, RWenergy placed its focus on the subject of storage technology for electricity from photovoltaic systems. The storage... [more]

24.06.2014 RWenergy includes innovative electricity storage systems in its product range

In a pilot project, RWenergy tested new developments in the field of storage technology. After the successful completion of the testing phase, the RWenergy employees now... [more]

24.06.2014 24 new trainees at the Rädlinger company group

During their apprenticeship at the Rädlinger company group, the 24 new trainees will not only enhance their theoretical knowledge and practical know-how, but also... [more]

24.06.2014 Successful première: charity run at Rädlinger Lake

More than 600 runners got involved for the good cause at the first charity run around Rädlinger Lake on 10th August. This far exceeded the expectations of the patron... [more]

24.06.2014 “Classroom at the lake”

News on the project development: 22.07.13 The active planning phase has now begun in the project planning for our “classroom at the lake”. As the Rädlinger... [more]

24.06.2014 The new corporate image films are ready!

Our new corporate image films have now been shot and edited, and are available for viewing  [more]

24.06.2014 50th anniversary of the company in "Rädlinger music hall"

The Rädlinger family extended an invitation to attend music hall on two evenings in June. The 50 years of company history were celebrated copiously together with... [more]

24.06.2014 Charity run at Rädlinger Lake nominated as Initiative of the Month

On 10th August 2013, the Rädlinger Lake is to provide the setting for a run for a good cause. The charity run in aid of Kinderkrebshilfe Cham (a charity supporting... [more]

24.06.2014 Photovoltaics remains an inherent part of the electricity mix

In an interview with Chamer Zeitung, representatives of the solar industry expressed confidence. Gerhard Dirscherl, Technical Director of RWenergy, and other experts... [more]

17.12.2012 A successful year despite all obstacles

Despite the enormous uncertainty that politicians created surrounding the planned reduction in funding at the beginning of the year in relation to PV systems, roof... [more]

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